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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (My First English Posting)

Assalamu ‘alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh...

A glimpse of me, i’m an indonesian male who have been tasting education at university since 2005 (it’s also my graduation year from Senior High School), so, to date, i’m still status as a college student at a public university in Indonesia.

How Much Do I Know About Internet World?
When i just now graduate from Senior High School, my wisdom can be said to be zero about internet. Just imagine, when i took STAN (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara/State’s Accounting Academy) extrance examination, to see its result from internet, cause i couldn’t use computer for browsing¬, i asked internet cafe officer to see STAN site which i wrote on a piece of paper. Aght, but... pity a thousand pity, i couldn’t pass STAN cause lost in rivalry.

And when i was a college student, i was still not familiar with internet, moreover i didn’t know what said email with? Much different now, elementary school student who just his/her old 1 digit number can be said familiar with internet (may be along with the times), but that all are not require to be regretted, why when I still actived in Elementary School just few people who knew internet and difficult to found browsing place? Cause i am gave pleasure to born to word previously (to see Allah’s greatness) than the elementary school student, although, when I in Elementary School previously, the world are not sophisticated yet like find by the Elementary School children now.

Why I am interested to make a blog?
  1. Its can save many kinds of article with unlimited capacity via publications, however save article without write it in blog also be able to do with upload the article in file form to download when be needed. 2 methods above which use internet media always guaranteed than save file in computer which limited capacity and risk to be attached computer virus which able to destroy file, moreover make disappear file.
  2. Have plan to help many people via internet world with publish useful publications, and mutual sharing knowledge with blog visitor and with fellow blogger friends.
  3. It can increase friend and make friendship relation, cause we were born to mutual know one to others, if don’t believe try to see in Al Qur-an, Al Hujurat chapter, 13th part, hhmmm isn’t right......??
  4. Want to learn information technology. Today don’t know with blog yet?? (What world say??)

All right, may be that are as introduction from me via my first english posting. Finally, with say Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, today May 09, 2012, I publish my first english posting in my blog, i hope my next posting can be useful for my self and for many people certainly.

One my message:
Use internet just to make goodness and piety and don’t use internet to make sin and infraction

All right things come from Allah, and its wrongs are my faults. Please forgive me and I also ask to suggestion and healthy criticism from all friends.

Fraternity Greeting

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