Sabtu, Mei 19, 2012

Remove Audio/Sound From Video

Steps to remove audio/sound from video, so that created a file without audio/sound,

To remove audio from video who sahabat know is by using software Windows Movie Maker/Windows Live Movie Maker, ok lets go, ways to remove sound/audio from video are as follows:
  1. Open Windows Live Movie Maker
  2. Open video file which want to be removed/edited its audio/sound
  3. On the Edit tab, click on Video volume dan sliding scroll to set audio/sound, slide to maximum left position so that video’s audio is mute
  4. Now try to listening your video, its audio/sound has been removed
  5. Save movie (Save file)
    Click on arrow down icon which located on the upper left corner on Windows Live Movie Maker > Save movie > Recommended setting > Recommended for this project > Save

If there somethings are not understood, please contact sahabat, thank you...

The .doc file can be downloaded here

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