Kamis, Agustus 30, 2012

2 ways checking flexi pulse

Anyone must efficient use of water and electricity, the question then arises, if much consumption then will much pay that, aren’t you? So impasse, aren’t you? Not problem for pay, but that efficient intend to save energy supply, even if we are rich and have ability to pay using of water and electricity is used prodigally, how in the future if the energy supply more and more decrease, we will also feel dryness and darkness, aren’t you? Still remember with energy efficient advertisement by Lidya Kandau at below:

In Islam, we also required to efficient and be forbidden to do prodigality, because the prodigal is satan’s friend, please look at Noble Qur-an in Al Isra’ surah clause 26 and 27:

There are two ways to checking pulse flexi:
  1. Using numpad menu by pressing *99#
  2. Using sms by typing INFO send to 678
Hopefully usefull... :-)

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