Sabtu, Agustus 25, 2012

Fundamental Methods of Created Electricity

Indeed, each of us is an actor is playing movie, which the film will be watched in the hereafter, why? Because all things are we done is enumerated by Allah in a book.

See word of God in An Naba’ surah (78) clause 29:
And all things We have enumerated in writing.

Methods of generating electricity

Yach, many method to generate electricity, there are seven fundamental methods of directly transforming other forms of energy into electrical energy:
  • Static Electricity It is interaction of electrical charged things For example: plastic ruler is rubbed to cotillon / someone’s hair can pull up shred of paper.
  • Electromagnetic induction It is indication of production of electric current across a conductor effect of change of magnetic lines of force For example: bicycle dynamo can make to turn on light bulb is connected via both of end of the coil
  • Electrochemistry It is the direct transformation of chemical energy into electricity For example: battery
  • Photoelectric effect It is discharging electron of surface (usually metal) while taken, and absorb electromagnetic radiation (like light and ultraviolet radiation) which over threshold frequency, depending on kind of surface For example: Solar cell (technology to change sunshine be electrical energy with using photovoltaics)
  • Thermoelectric effect It is technology work with convert thermal energy be electrical energy directly (thermoelectric generator) or instead.
  • Piezoelectric effect Piezoelectricity is ability of an object (crystal and ceramic generally) to product electric potential as response to mechanical pressure is taken For example: heating and refrigeration quartz crystal Rosselt salt
  • Nuclear Transformation It is creation and acceleration of charged particles For example: betavoltaics or alpha particle

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