Jumat, Agustus 17, 2012

How to Join Some MP3 Files?

Do all my firends know that Siti Aisyah, Propet Muhammad’s wife is daughter of khalifah of Abu Bakar As-Shiddiq? May be have more have known and may be there is also not known yet, sahabat self just know when listening Idul Fithri khutbah 1433 H coincide with August 19th, 2012. Alhamdulillah it make increase islamic konwledge

May be many ways are can be used to join some mp files be one file, one is sahabat known is joining some mp3 files be one file with use Merge MP3 software. Oke just to try it, first, please download Merge MP3 software here.

Have done your download? If done please open the folder, there are two .exe files in that folder, are iTunesCoder and MergeMP3, ways to join MP3 with use MergeMP3 software as follows:

  1. Open MergeMP3 file
  2. Click on File > add Files > Please open two mp3 files or more
  3. Then click on View > Preferences > Take check on box which its right there is label: Merge using raw stream mode
  4. Click on Select > Select All
  5. Click on Files > Merge Selected > Write name of the file on File name and on Save as type select MP3 Files
  6. Click on Save
  7. A new MP3 file is joined of just two or more MP3 files already exist on folder location of MP3 files just will be joined
Huh... now you can, can’t you? If is not tried, will not know? Haha... If there is confuse something please ask...

Thank you for visiting sahabat-informasi.com, Assalamu’alaikum... :-)

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