Jumat, Februari 08, 2013

How to Download File on id.scribd.com

How to download file on http://id.scribd.com/

Base on experience has tried, sahabat can download file on id.scribd.com successfully after tried tutorial from http://hanyablogger.blogspot.com

How its ways?
  1. Open scribd.com or id.scribd.com
  2. Login, up to use email or facebook
  3. Please upload a document like doc, xls or etc (up to anything of documents, if can usefull will better), by click on Upload letter on the top right
  4. Next, reopen link of file on id.scribd.com will be downloaded
  5. Click on download

As simple as that? Ya has proven succesfull

Source: http://hanyablogger.blogspot.com/2012/12/cara-mudah-download-file-scribd.html 

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