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Installing Arduino on Windows 7

Before do installing Arduino on PC (computer/laptop/notebook/netbook), first we must (of course must have Arduino Board...) have the Arduino software, for example this time we will get Arduino UNO (one of kinds of Arduino Board) as its subject. Arduino UNO software can be downloaded directly on original website at link http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software, please download newest software or download one of them due to our each PC OS (Operating System: Windows atau Max OS X atau Linux). Because our topic now is Installing Arduino on Windows 7, it means will be downloaded is Arduino UNO software for Windows 7 OS.

On this time we will use Arduino 0023 sofware (because that software has been exist on our PC, than download newest, spend time... hick... hick...), if using newest software, may be will better, may be more has feature in its using, in installing problem may be same...

Oke, we begin how to istall Arduino on Windows 7 PC slowly...
  1. After downloading Arduino software has finished, then file we got in zip file, extract that file, so that will be got now Arduino software in folder
  2. Place the software software folder on C:/Program Files/
  3. Connect Arduino to PC via USB cable, base on experience, will be shown message on bottom right which tell that Arduino has not installed succesfully, no problem... if there is no message shown? No problem also...
  4. Click on Start >: Right click on Computer >: Properties >: Deveice Manager, now we can see Unknown Device

    Click on Unknown Device > Update Driver Software > Browse my computer for driver software > Browse > Forward to sofware location for Arduino (we located it in C:/Program Files/arduino-0023/drivers), then click on OK, click on Next. If show Windows Security message, choose install this driver software anyway, wait “Installing driver software” processing until finished
  5. Now message shown “Windows has successfully updated for driver software”, it means Windows has updated driver software succesfully, then click on Close. We looked at Device manager that Unknown device has changed with Arduino and after that there is word COM 15, the COM 15 tell port we used to connect Arduino (must not 15, depend on where USB port we connect Arduino), when will use Arduino on this port we always connecting Arduino, but we can use other port, just we must change port setting each will using Arduino
  6. Open software folder Arduino C:\Program Files\arduino-0023, there is application file named arduino.exe, copy and paste the file to desktop as shortcut, this is we know as Arduino IDE, just change its name with Arduino IDE
  7. Open Arduino IDE, choose Tools > Board > Arduino UNO (depend on kind of Arduino board we used, at this time we use Arduino UNO board, then we choose Arduino UNO)
  8. Set Arduino port serial,
    Choose Tools > Serial Port > COM15 (according to we saw at Device Manager)
  9. Now we will try to upload a sketch for Arduino UNO,
    Choose File > Exmaples > Basics > Pilih Blink, there are 7 icon we seen at bottom of main menu, 2nd icon from left is icon to uploading sketch for Arduino board, click on the icon, when uploading processing will show message at bottom of Arduino IDE “Uploading to I/O Board...”
  10. When uploading finished, will show message “Done Uploading”. At this time we have installing Arduino on Windows 7 succesfully and Arduino ready for used

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