Rabu, Januari 21, 2015

Make Keyboard Shortcut To Run Excel Macro

  • Open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, type the following code:
    Sub namaSub()
       MsgBox "Welcome to ms excel, use pc wisely... :)"
    End Sub
  • Back to microsoft excel window, Developer tab > Macros > choose a name of macro > Options
  • On Shortcut key box, type character we want, example if we type q, then macro will can be run by press Ctrl+Q on keyboard, can also included with Shift button
  • Seems if made shortcut which have specific function before, then that function will not function again, example if made shortcut Ctrl+S, then Ctrl+S will function to run macro not to save data changes we made on file

Source: Tutorial Excel Indonesia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxAgtqr6YA4

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